Photo Matching Service

I have a pretty good collection of photos of older jerseys (pre-90's) as well as a nice collection of older games on DVD. I've matched a number of my jerseys in the past as well as those in auctions and other collector's collections.


If you have an older jersey with some good distinguishing marks on it and you'd like to see if it could be photo matched, please let me know. I was thinking that $40 would be a fair amount for this service and it would only be payable if I was able to provide the match (photo or video). Considering the increase in value of jerseys with photo matches, I feel that this is more than fair.

Please let me know if you have a jersey that you'd like me to try and match and we'll take it from there...


Thank you & take care,

Here's an example of a jersey that I photo matched from the Feb. 2018 Classic Auction:

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